Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I'm back

Since I have no readers, I'm not sure who I'm explaining to, but my intentions are to begin posting again. Between the crush of the election and a broken leg, I was a little tied up.

I'll start with this link to a Jan. 10 editorial I wrote for the Lewiston Sun Journal about the phony crisis that's being drummed up by President Bush and the Social Security haters. It didn't take long for them to respond, either. People who have an ideological aversion to Social Security are lining up for the fight, hopeful they'll be able to erase one of the pillars of the New Deal.

No crisis in Social Security

Social Security is not in a crisis today.
It won't face a true crisis in 2042, and it's hard to say with any level of certainty what will happen 75 years from now.

But politicians, in this case President Bush and his supporters, are intent on creating the impression of a crisis to spur the country into a discussion - and a choice - it would likely not make otherwise.

Like the supposed threat posed by Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, which didn't exist, or the threat of legalized same-sex marriage in Maine, smart politicians and their allies are manipulating public thought. They are creating a crisis where none exists with the intention of imposing an ideological solution that's not necessary. ...