Monday, August 30, 2004

Fighting the wrong war

Editorial, Sun Journal, Aug. 30:

The United States passed a troubling milestone last week in Iraq.

More GIs have been killed so far in 2004 than died in 2003. The United States is averaging about two deaths a day. Through Friday, 59 U.S. soldiers were killed in August. In July, the number was 54. In June, it was 50.While the world's attention has been focused on Najaf for most of August, violence has continued around Iraq. Soldiers have been killed in Fallujah, Mosul, Tikrit, Samarra and Baghdad - all in the last 10 days.

While debate continues to rage over the actions, or inaction, of President Bush and Sen. John Kerry during the Vietnam War, there's a modern day conflict that's slipped from the conversation.

If this year's trend continues, tomorrow there will be two fewer U.S. soldiers alive than there are today. Their war deserves more attention than one fought three decades ago.


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